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Are you having problems in paying off debts conveniently because of very high interest rate involved and also because you do not have the high capacity to repay debts in time? Well, the solution of the problem is that you should think of opting for unsecured debt consolidation.

Unsecured debt consolidation means that you intend to consolidate all your unsecured debts like bills, loans, credit card debts etc under reduced single monthly payment. How is unsecured debt consolidation done? It is simple process. Just apply to an expert of the field of unsecured debt consolidation and he will take charge of your debts. First of all your debts are assessed. Then your current repaying capacity is judged. The expert will see how much you earn and what are your regular expenses and arrives at a monthly sum that you can comfortably pay for the debts. These expert companies also have good contacts with your creditors. So they can negotiate with your creditors for reducing or eliminating interest rate on debts.

Once creditors agree to cut interest rate or reduce the amount of debts, the next step to unsecured debt consolidation is that the service provider will take a fixed reduced monthly amount from you and disburse it regularly to your creditors. Though through this process you will take some more years to clear debts and may be you end up paying more interest, but surely the monthly payment gets substantially reduced for easy clearing of debts.

You can also opt for a loan for clearing unsecured debts. The loan can be availed at competitive rates and the debts are immediately paid off through the loan amount. Thus the paid debts are now consolidated under single monthly payment to one lender of the loan. While applying for unsecured debt consolidation make sure that the company is experienced enough of the field and provides counseling services also for keeping you away from debts in future.

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