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How many bills and debts do you have to repay each month? On average, an adult in a developed country has easily more than 5 bills/debts to pay consistently in their lifetime. Many have far more than that especially for those with multiple credit cards. It would be great to be able to make a single payment regularly as opposed to making countless of payments. This is where debt consolidation comes into the picture. Seeing this as a growing demand, more debt consolidation companies are establishing themselves and positioning for this lucrative market.

Traditionally, people used to associate debt consolidation with negative connotation. From time to time, the mental image one would connect someone who consolidates debt to a person who simply cannot afford to pay off their debts, ie are financially strapped. But times have changed. More and more are beginning to accept debt consolidation as a means to effectively reduce the overall interest payments, and a convenient, hassle-less payment mode. It is no longer a poor man’s tool to escape debt. So whether you are poor or can afford to pay off your bills easily, debt consolidation is still an open option to manage your debts.

But before you start to search for a good debt consolidation quote, there are things you may need to know:

Explore Debt Consolidation Quotes Online

There are many debt consolidation companies that have taken their businesses online. Perform a search on “debt consolidation”, “debt consolidation quotes” and “free debt consolidation quotes”.

Request for a Free Debt Consolidation Quote Online

It is common for a company not to charge you for a quote or first-time consultation. If you encounter one that requires you to pay on your first quote, think twice. There have been unsavory reports about debt consolidation companies that are essentially “empty shells”. The usual scam develops like this. Someone approaches them and are convinced to make an upfront payment for supposed debt consolidation services which they would never fulfill. Others simply run away when they get hold of the payments.

So the morale of the story is this: find a company that offers free debt consolidation quotes. You can expect such service in this industry as a norm though this may be quite uncommon in others. Legitimate companies normally would do their due diligence in reviewing your financial situation, debts, credit rating etc before giving you a quote to help you decide if you wish to use their services. There are of course some legitimate and reputable debt consolidation companies which do charge you for a review, but they are few.

Compare Benefits of Debt Consolidation Services

The principle is simple. Shop for one that gives the best deal for your dollar. The companies could be offering different interest and payment rates, but it does not mean that the lowest is the best. Visit forums, self help groups that centers around the topic of debt. You need to make it a point to hear the honest comments of those who were or are still in the same situation as yourself. It is also necessary that you find a company that has vast experience in handling debt consolidation. Do a check on how long the company has been in business and what their customers have to say about them, ie whether there are positive testimonials?

Interview the Debt “Watch Dogs”

By this, I mean government bodies or organizations that regulate the debt business. It pays to interview Better Business Bureau and find out more about the debt company that you intend to employ their services from. Look out for complaints filed by customers, or any record of malpractices that could compromise the reliability of these debt consolidation services. Debt consolidation companies which are registered members of established government regulatory bodies are often legitimate and clean in their business dealings.

These tips should be able to give you a firm basis to find a debt consolidation service. Be sure to use them when looking for a free debt consolidation quote online.

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