PostHeaderIcon What do debt consolidation companies offers to people who are in debt?

Can anyone tell me about debt consolidation companies and their services?

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  • Lefty says:

    Lower interest rates

  • AL BUNDY: genius, hero says:

    it’s a total rip-off, I looked into it. They take your fees, and you have to be on the edge of bankruptcy, and they take months to do anything, all the while you have to keep up your payments on your own, and if they can’t settle anything with the credit card companies they keep their fees and you get squat.
    Just pay off your debts the old fashioned way. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. There’s no easy way out, or else wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

  • 1 Sick Puppy says:

    More debt. Remember, they’re in it to make money, not to help their customers.

  • Mutya P says:

    Although you will be given low interest rates, still you need to cope with their modes of payment. So, simply refrain from spending larger than your income and everything will run smoothly.
    Have a nice day and GOD BLESS!

  • mdog says:

    Do NOT go through a debt consolidation service. I work at a collection agency, and some of our debtors have tried those places. They have sent thousands of dollars to debt consolidation places, and have never had any bills paid off. Your best bet is to go through a consumer credit counseling service-they are legitimate and aren’t out to just make money.

  • tynisha says:

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