PostHeaderIcon How does Christian debt consolidation help to reduce debt?

Christian debt consolidation programs are gaining popularity in present times, as it is a better alternative to standard debt relief services. Like other debt/bill consolidation services, Christian consolidation also helps you to get rid of your multiple debts. Though the Christian consolidation companies function more like a corporation than a religious establishment, yet the spiritual belief is incorporated into the debt relief programs.

Who offers Christian consolidation program?

There are some non profit organizations that offer Christian consolidation program; however, some standard consolidation companies also offer the same service. Though a Christian consolidation program is usually offered against a certain fee, yet it is much less than that of standard consolidation service.

Is the Christian way of consolidating debt similar to others?

Christian debt consolidation services are similar to any other debt consolidation programs. However, Christian consolidation programs work on the specific biblical principle that you serve 2 masters when you are in debt; one of them is God and the other one is the money you owe. According to Bible, you should only serve 1 master and that is God. Therefore, Christian consolidation companies try to help you become debt free so that you can serve God with your whole heart.

What are the types of Christian debt consolidation?

While following the biblical principles, you can consolidate your multiple debts in 2 ways – Christian consolidation program and Christian consolidation loan. Both these methods help you become debt free, so that you can fully devote yourself to the service of God.

(1)   How does Christian debt consolidation program function?

At first, you need to consult a debt consolidation company, which analyzes your financial situation and makes a budget for you. Then the company negotiates with your creditors to reduce the interest rates on your debts, prepares a repayment plan for you and also gets it approved by your lenders/creditors. You need to make the approved monthly payment to the company, which distributes the money amongst the creditors, on your behalf.

(2)   How does Christian debt consolidation loan function?

Christian consolidation loan is like a personal loan, which helps you to combine your multiple debts and replace them by a single one.  However, the loan can be costly for you in the long run as you may have to pay high interest rates and the loan term may also get extended.

What are the benefits of Christian consolidation program?

You can enjoy a number of benefits when you go for a Christian debt consolidation program. The benefits are listed below:

You’ll get the program at an affordable fee. The interest rates on your debts get reduced. Your monthly payments are reduced. The late fees or over-the-limit fees get eliminated. You’ll get no more creditor/ collection calls.

There are a number of Christian consolidation companies, out of which, you need to decide which one is genuine. Therefore, you should enroll in such a company, where the professionals understand and uphold the spiritual belief of Christianity.

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