PostHeaderIcon Trouble with CashCall.Com Insane Interests at 99% ??

I believe this company to be a total ripoff artist. They won’t work with debt consolidation agencies and they lied about the interests rat quoted to me on the phone to be at 18 %. I get the paperwork finally, and it’s an insane 99% interest. I’ve written to the Better Business Bureau, and they’re no help at all. How can this company have an “A” rating and charge people like this? This appears as the country is allowing this company to legalize Loan Sharks in a most evil Format. Any Help with this would be appreciated.
After checking out this website> and you type in search for Cash Call, you will be amazed at the complaints therre among common folks who are struggleling with the same messy dillema. I sure HOPE we can find a way to stop them from their business abuse and put them out of business!

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  • Sarah K says:

    They have an A rating because people aren’t complaining. I looked at this online and saw that I’d have 99% interest even though I have great credit. Some jokers on Yahoo Answers recommend this company. It’s sad, really, because it’s worse than the worst credit cards out there.

  • B.B says:

    I have cash call too and I hate it, my rate is 96% and I just want to pay it off.. tell all your friends don’t use these people

  • STEVEN F says:

    I saw their TV commercial with 2/3 of the screen covered in fine print. If I needed a reason not to look at them, that was enough.

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