PostHeaderIcon Can someone refer me to a reputable non-profit debt consolidation company?

I’m in debt and am looking for some help to consolidate. I am looking for a company that is reputable, preferably one that someone has had success in dealing with.

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  • Chuck P says:

    Be careful, they are all going to go bad on your credit score, it’s the same as filing bankruptcy so if you have another option then try that first. You may be able to call the debtors yourself and set up some more workable payments. Good luck

  • Lisa A says:

    Take Charge America, they had the lowest fee at the time I looked. They were fair and nice to work with and I just finished paying off a large chunk of previous debt. It feels great.

  • Dewey H says: helped me clearing my debts few years ago when i had debts….may be it would prove useful to you.

    good luck

  • netdebt1 says:

    Be Careful about the “non profits” some of these are worse than the for profit ones.

    You can get a no cost consultation at

  • jwizzo25 says:

    Try using:

    I used their service a couple months back and they consolidated all my debt and lowered my total debt about 25%.

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