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As one faces the prospect of the current economic landscape and the potential of personal financial hardship, it is no wonder that it is with great skepticism that most individuals consider government debt consolidation loans.

While this skepticism is justified in that there is no standalone government program whose sole purpose is to provide this type of loan, there are a plethora of programs that have such loans as a feature. If one can find the right program, whether through personal research or by hiring a third-party debt counselor to guide you toward through the system, it is possible to find such a loan and to reap the rewards.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Best Debt Consolidation Services” website — — pointed out;

“…These programs range from those offered to help students pay for their education, to mortgage modification programs, to consolidated borrowing options for small business owners. In each case, the government has determined that in its effort to benefit the targeted group (students, homeowners, or business owners), these individuals will be helped by attractive borrowing terms. The consolidation loans offered in these programs allow a borrow to combine multiple high interest rate loans with varying terms into a single, government-issued loan; in many cases, the original loans have been issued by different lenders and have dramatic differences in basic payment terms. The new loan, in most cases, is written with a lower, fixed interest rate and offers a significantly extended payment schedule…”

The purpose of these loans is to aid a borrower with getting control over his or her debt situation. The premise under which the new loan is written is that a borrower who can focus on making a single, lower monthly payment is more likely to learn discipline and service the debt. The programs are explained as being for the betterment of the group in question.

“…In addition to offering assistance with one’s debt burden, these programs all share the fact that they have bureaucratically detailed qualification criteria that must be precisely satisfied. While the application process for many of these programs may seem daunting, particularly since it is likely that applicants are already facing the stresses of financial hardship, a legitimate program can make a big difference. Furthermore, given the wide range of programs available, it is unlikely that a given individual will not qualify for one or more. In order to aid in the process, using a reputable and experienced debt consolidation company can help one to identify the right program and to navigate the intricacies of applying…” H. Milla added.

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