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OK…the bank account is over $6000 overdrawn, I have other personal debt up to about $5,500….

I am leaving to start school in a week, I will only be able to work part time.

Does anybody know of a company that will give me a loan with payments under 100 dollars a month that I have a loooong time to pay back?

I have not been approved by anyone.

I will be posting on Prosper as well…. I am in a panic.

What should I do, I can’t afford consolidation places. They have all quoted me over 500 a month which I can’t afford.
I have found a few companies that will work with me, mostly ranging from 150-200 a month for the next 3-4 years…expensive but feasible….

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  • Mrs HarleyBrat says:

    I’d be more concerned that your bank account is overdrawn by $6000 – that’s check fraud! Better hope the bank doesn’t press charges – and no – you won’t get a loan because it’s very obvious you can’t be financially responsible (Sorry)

  • sarah jane says:

    It might be time to postpone school and instead get a full time job until you are back on your feet. How can you even afford school when you have a $6000 overdraft?

  • irini08 says:

    I’m surprised that the bank allowed you to overdraw that much. You could try this site for some helpful info. on personal loans. Try your bank also. Good luck!

  • James P says:

    Screw all that, what you want is money and you want it soon as…

    So what you have to ask your self is, will school get you a job that will pay well as apposed to putting it off getting a crappy McDonalds job and working for twice as long to pay off the debt.

    Remember $10,000 is nothing and you are never going to get any younger.

    Open other accounts and spread the dept pay it off in minimal amounts across the accounts. find as many interest free accounts as possible bounce them off credit cards. Stop spending money and sell all that crap you have that you don’t need.


  • mastiboyz says:

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