PostHeaderIcon Does anyone know a non-fraud debt consolidation company that i could use?

15k in credit card debt, 17K in personal student loan debt, 15K in government student loan debt, 15k in car loan debt.

All im trying to do is consolidate my CC debt. The rest i will deal with with later.

Anyone know of a legit company? No marks from credit solutions please!

i know you guys are on the ripoff report and i have called the better business buereau about you and know you are bad business and fradulent.

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  • zenithomega says:

    Consumer Credit Counseling Service….it’s been around for a while and they are non profit.

  • Grub says:

    First Consumer is a great one and helped me alleviate a lot of debt:

    First Consumer Debt Consolidation
    PO Box 892
    Syosset, NY 11791
    Phone: (866)681-2263 Fax: (866)681-2266

  • ShanaJ says:

    Yes. Cambridge Credit Counseling. I have one credit card I put on that program about 3 years ago. My girlfriend was kind of in the same situation like you and she is on the program and it has been working great for her. Just make sure you pay the bill every month…. Also, just an FYI, being on those programs is good in the long run for your credit but during the program a lot of lenders will not give you a loan. Say another car, etc. If you have any questions, please email me

  • Pravda says:

    Why not repair it yourself? I used a CC company and paid $30.00 a month in fees to them for what I learned later that I could do myself.
    Everything you need to repair your credit is at…

  • monkey says:

    Do not use a credit repair agency – there is nothing a credit repair agency can do for you that you cannot do for yourself. Education is key. Take a look at It is an educational Web site for people with bad credit or people who are uninformed about credit. They provide tools and information to help people understand and manage bad credit situations. The first step towards managing your credit is education.

  • tomrunr says:

    Just pay your bills on time.

    Any “consolidation” that asks you to stop paying your bills and pay them instead is stealing your money AND dropping your credit scores.

    Pay your bills on-time. You incurred the debt.

    Your student loans can be consolidated into one loan. Your car is already a low interest rate. Pay any extra to your Credit Cards and stop spending more than you make.

    The only “debt consolidation” that is real is using equity in a house to pay short term debt like yours.

  • stopccdebt says:

    I recommend talking to a credit counselor that you can meet in person. A legit company will have a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    The student loan debt should be low interest. You would normally be best served to keep making the minimum payments on that without any student loan consolidation. Good luck to you.

  • abel jarrod says:

    In reality, credit counselling helps you gradually reduce your monthly payments in such a way that you are able to balance you debt to a value that is easily affordable. This article helps you in understanding the process to work with credit counselling. The best time to look for the help of a credit counsellor is when your account is handed over to collection agencies and the bill collector’s start haunting you day and night. You must be very careful when deciding which credit counselling service to opt for. You must know that many of these services are set up just to make benefits and they cannot actually help you staying within the legal boundaries. Get all information about your credit card debt at:,Features_Of_Credit_Counselling_Services

  • sharp m says:

    “Selecting a online debt consolidation is very easy as it allows you to total all your debts into one small payment.

    Going for online debt consolidation is a good option, you need to take into account the fee charged by the debt consolidation companies.

    When you gets into a debt trap it becomes difficult to get out of it. Taking more loans to repay the debts leads to more stress and financial crisis. Finally, there is no option but to adopt debt consolidation, which leads to a new llease of life. Many people receive abusive calls from debt collectors and are stressed. Hence opting for debt consolidation is the number one solution and helps to overcome abusive calls and be free from mental stress.”

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