PostHeaderIcon Need a knowledgeable debt consolidation attorney in the Plano, Texas area?

I have about five to six unsecured debts [no credit cards] that i need to consolidate and make one payment or like. Bankruptcy is not an option for me. The total is around $10K. I am not interested in debt consolidation agencies, so far the ones i have talked to, i know more what to do than them…I can make monthly payments toward the debt and also pay reasonable fees and/or % of satisfactory arrangements. Anyone knows a serious, good attorney in the areas that i can contact for a free consultation. Thank you
Mr Gerald, with replies like yours no wonder you have so many answers….I am retired, disabled, soc sec, and yes i still work, as allowed…so your easy out is poor at best….thanks

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  • Gerald says:

    You really do not owe that much. Just owe 5-6 persons the 10K. I owe 9K to three persons and I write them a check every month.. yes 3 checks… You can ask and look for an attorney– I really don’t think any one will help you with $10K in cash debt. Legal eagle wants to be paid for his time. His time is valuable and will add to your debt. If you do not own any thing of value — for colleratal– your stuck. Get 2 jobs and pay them off as soon as practical…

  • heybulldog says:

    Why not just make a list of who you owe and Pay them? I dont understand why you want another bill. Isnt 6 enough? Save the money you’d pay a attorney and put it on the debt. Hes not gonna do anything that you can do yourself.
    If you are talking about settling for less. you can do that too. The only way that will happen is if you dont pay your creditors for months and then try and get them to settle.

    Remember, you are responsible for the debt. If you leave it up to somebody else to pay and they dont pay it your the one that will be sued not the person handling it.

  • ed m says:

    taking everything into consideration i tend to agree that you do not need to involve an attorney — i thing that you could down size for awhile — i read where you are disable — a lot of folks are and they still get by with less then the normal folks — but things like cable tv – cell phones and yes even internet fees add up == plus chances are your legal fees might more than off set one of the debts!!!

  • Gary H says:

    Debt consolidation is an option, and you should look into it. Just be careful about WHAT you’re getting into. Some plans, because of their higher APR rates get you into more trouble than you were.

    Also, some lenders look poorly upon it later on. Some institutions believe that it really is a black mark. It will depend upon the types of deals that your particular company or lender work out, and of course, your own individual circumstance. For some with absolutely NO way out, debt consolidation is a welcome option.

    Take a good hard look at all the options and plans offered, and don’t let a single company pressure you into something you just can’t do. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the plan offered before you commit to it.

    In any case, it doesn’t hurt to investigate debt consolidation as an option. It doesn’t cost you anything to find out more information about it.

    If you want a place to start your investigating, there’s information and listings for debt consolidation providers on the page listed below. You’ll probably find something of use there:

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