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Regulators list 40 North Carolina banks as ‘troubled’
CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Nearly half of North Carolina’s 86 state-chartered banks are on N.C. regulators’ list of troubled institutions, up 74 percent in less than a year and a grim record that underscores the strain of the multiyear downturn. The tally of 40 troubled banks compares with 23 in October 2009. Typically, there are only two or three on the list. Regulators are legally barred from …

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Links 7/18/10
Hi everyone. Yves is off in Denmark eating this. She asked me to do the links for her over the next few weeks.  I have a favor to ask of you all: please send me antidotes du jour. I need them because I just don’t have any photos which fit the bill.  E-mail your goods […]

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