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The presence of multiple unpaid debts acts like a permanent thorn. You canâ??t devote your mind on anything else because of the stress and feeling of helplessness caused by them. You could use a consolidation loan to pay them off but you cannot provide collateral. Either you donâ??t have any valuable asset or you do no want to risk them in view of your current circumstances. You still have the option of an unsecured debt consolidation loan.


Unsecured debt consolidation loans are provided by various debt consolidation agencies. These loans do not oblige you to provide collateral. You can avail one if you owe more than £5000 to two or more creditors. It can be credit card debts, outstanding utility bills or high-interest personal loans.


The process of managing multiple debts through an unsecured debt consolidation works this way. First, all your debts will be merged into a single one. An amount that can sufficiently pay off this loan will be lent to you as your unsecured debt consolidation loan. An expert from the debt consolidation agency will assess your current repayment capability to determine a repayment amount that can be comfortably managed. You make a single payment of this amount to only one creditor who is your unsecured debt consolidation loan provider. Your loan provider will disburse the payment among the other creditors


By taking an unsecured debt consolidation loan, you will receive all these benefits:


* Interest rate is much lower than before.


* Single payment is much more manageable


* Your debt consolidation agency will conduct all negotiations and interactions with your creditors. So, you wonâ??t face any more harassment.


* You can also enroll yourself for a credit counseling program under your debt consolidation agency in order how to manage your finances so that you donâ??t run into debts again.


An unsecured debt consolidation is the one option that can effectively show you the way out of your tangled multiple debts.

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