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So many people are currently drowning in debt and considering using a debt consolidation service that they need to understand how to get and evaluate a debt consolidation quote. Consolidation information can be obtained from the internet, from a consolidation company, or from printed materials.

The first step to get a debt consolidation quote is to assemble the information about the actual debts, listing each creditor and the amount owed and account status. You also need your other sources of obligations such as monthly rent or mortgage and utility payments. Doing a complete budget is advisable. Income and assets also need to be listed.

Once the information is assembled, a person needs to locate consolidation companies and using the internet is a great starting place. Most companies offer a free, no obligation debt consolidation quote and you simply input the information on an online form.

Choose companies that have good track records, checking with the BBB and the internet equivalents, and look for user reviews whenever possible. You may prefer a nonprofit consolidator but be aware that just claiming to be nonprofit does not prove reliability or efficiency. Another option is using a legal firm that does this kind of work.

Enter information and get the debt consolidation quote and then compare this to several other companies to see of the results are comparable and realistic. After checking the track record of the companies with the best offers, it is usually fairly simple to decide which is best for you.

You will also want to seek firms that offer ongoing support beyond just collecting your monthly check. Look for those that also provide budgeting training and assistance. Some companies are even affiliated with religious groups and add spiritual support to the other services offered. If this is meaningful to you, these firms may be your best choice.

Be sure that you know exactly what is included in a quote and be aware of drawbacks in consolidation loans. If you take a mortgage to pay off credit cards, you are converting unsecured debt to secured debt, which may have better rates but can put your home in jeopardy should you fall behind. There are many places out there that will give you a quote. Don’t be afraid to approach any financial institution that can provide you with a quote for you specific needs. Don’t neglect seeking financial information from your own bank when comparing options.

It’s no secret that millions of people are literally drowning in debt, and many are desperate for solutions to salvage their finances. Not surprisingly, they are drawn to television and Internet ads and articles offering free information on debt consolidation.

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