PostHeaderIcon How can I find the best debt consolidation program in New Jersey?

I’m trying to become debt free and need help with unsecured debts. been trying to locate a agent online but, getting kind of frustrated. NEED HELP ASAP!

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  • cordn8or22 says:

    I work in collections for a credit card company, we say just look in the phone book and check with the Better Business Bureau. ALWAYS go with non-profit. The for profit ones will screw you over and most credit card companies will not work with for profit. And remember it can take about 3 months to get this set up with the creditor. Credit counselors have to send proposals to the creditors to be APPROVED. So make sure everything is correct with the creditors and with your credit counselors. And you can still get calls from the creditors until the proposal is accepted. Hope every thing works out for you

  • lilpuppy6 says: is the best one. They are registered with the gov’t to provide non profit counselling. Good luck.

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