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Are there any debt consolidation loans or personal loans for non-home owners with bad credit? I’m currently on a debt management payment plan but I’d really like to take out one loan to pay off all my debt at once.

I havent been able to find any loans for this purpose.


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  • TaxMaven says:

    Debt CONsolidation is a joke. It doesn’t fix anything. Btw, those crummy debt management places will trash your credit even worse than it was & a lot of them are under investigation by the FTC. You will be better off in the long run to learn how to manage your OWN money & get out of debt. CONsolidating your credit cards onto the house you sleep in is an ultrahorrible idea.

    I have been deeply in debt & near bankruptcy. I’m NOT anymore. I don’t even have any credit cards – NOPE, NOT ONE! We live on a budget that actually balances, so we have no desire to borrow. We follow Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”. It has worked wonders. Also, you can tune in to podcasts of his radio show on his website (free). I sincerely hope you will do it. Everyone should have the peace of mind that we have.

  • spifiman1 says:

    Even if you find one, it’s a bad idea.

  • Reenie says:

    You could try this site for helpful loan information & bad credit personal loans. Good luck to you!

  • Maggy G says:

    Try the below company

  • bill b says:

    There may be something of use here.

  • spprtchld says:

    Debt consolidation is somewhat of a bad idea. Borrowing money and creating debt to pay off debt doesn’t stop the cycle UNLESS you completely stop spending or acquiring debt while you consolidate and pay off.

    That being said, if you’re capable of not putting items on credit cards while you pay the consolidation loan down, it is the perfect route to go; as you can significantly lower rates and only have one payment.

    There is more information over at that may be of use.

  • ZX7RR says:

    If possible, find a new bank in your area willing to give you a personal loan. There are banks like that believe it or not that will give you a loan with no credit/poor credit. I received an unsecured loan before, but in most areas it is more difficult. You have to do some math. Consider how much debt you are in, how much you can afford to pay and what are your future lending needs. If you are in say 10K of debt and can make more than the minimum payments but its difficult…buckle down and try to only spend the bare minimum. Split your debt..meaning take a loan out for part of it, or get someone to co-sign for another credit card with 0% interest for 1 year. If you are paying 18% interest on your 10K debt and split your debt, only paying half the interest…so Instead of 180 dollars in interest a month, its 90. $2160 in interest a year or $1080, which is better?? It can be the little things that help. I had a friend that had a credit card with 0% interest for a year, and his other card with 16%. For some odd reason he would pay larger payments to the 0%..Pay off what has the most interest first, of course. Anyhow, debt consolidation is a bad idea. If your really behind on payments, just settle your debt..and then make sure to build it back up after….sooner you settle your debt, sooner you can recover..

  • gabriel jones says:

    Bad credit is one of the worst problems to have… however there exists a solution.

    I will hereby talk from my personal experience.

    I did debt consolidation a couple of years ago, however If I had to do it again I would pay to some minor details,
    if someone wants to get out of debt today it is pretty easy with a debt consolidation plan, however it may get a bit tricky at times, I suggest you get as much information as possible online on this first,

    a good place to start in my humble opinion is astraight to the point ebook with question and answer I found :

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