PostHeaderIcon Can auto loans be part of a debt consolidation loan?

If so, does anyone know where to get one with the auto loan?

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  • bowler_j says:

    A lender doesn’t particularily care what the debts are that are paid with a consolidation loan.

    They don’t even really watch to see if you pay off debts with the loan which is one reason it can be so dangerous.

    Apply at your local bank, list all the loans you plan to pay off and see if your credit is good enough to qualify.

  • nswblue says:

    Yes – but the auto loan must already be in effect before you do the debt consolidation loan – unless the debt consolidation will allow you to finance the new debt also!@~

  • smily says:

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  • geazzurrd says:

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  • gabriel s says:

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  • Tom B says:

    Have you tried your bank or ditect?

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