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Basis of Non Profit Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation Companies

We all know that debt consolidation programs help students organize their liability repayment schedule. The otherwise impossible task becomes manageable with the help of a little rearrangement in the schedule; reduction in cost and extending the tenure really helps in managing things without question. When it comes to choosing the service firm offering debt consolidation services, there are two categories namely Non Profit Debt Consolidation and For Profit Debt Consolidation firms. While both of them offer consolidation services, one offers as a service without fee while the other survives on a fee collected for such services.

Those suffering from repayment problems often resort to debt consolidation companies for a better and wiser decision in managing their repayment. Paid or unpaid what matters is how effective is the service offered. If you are of the opinion that there is absolutely no difference between the two, then you are wrong! There is a significant difference between the two services offered.

Basis of Non Profit Debt Consolidation

* Non profit debt consolidation companies or firms normally function in the form of credit counseling services or debt management/consolidation companies.
* There are many chances of a not for profit debt consolidation company turning out to be a scam, given to understand the need for such services.
* These companies do not offer consolidation programs as such, but yes they help you negotiate with your lenders for a better deal.
* Many communities offer debt consolidation loan services per se at little or no cost. Which makes is essentially possible for people to get one.
* Not for profit debt management plan is one where the so called counselors offer to negotiate with the creditors those favorable terms which will help borrowers looking for a serious change.
* Agency services on a no fee debt consolidation programs, offers the much needed advice on money and credit management helping you set and reach your financial goals.
* No payment services on consolidation offers to provide education on bankruptcy related issues and also take up the task of completing the much needed pre-discharge counseling if needed.
* The factor called cost makes all the difference in choosing between for profit and non profit debt consolidation programs. People are normally guided by the notion that paid services are always better and effective than free services.
* Free services also charge a minimal of $30 to $50 one time fee for the service in addition to charging $3 to $5 per transaction.
* Most of these professional for profit firms enter into agreements with creditors that helps them reduce the rates as promised, while with no such agreements it may not just be possible for unpaid service firms.

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