PostHeaderIcon Why did German Chancellor Angela Merkel utterly reject Obama’s plea for more government debt worldwide?

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday spending cutbacks are needed following the spate of throwing money at the global economic crisis, in a direct counter to US President Barack Obama.

Referring to the G20 summit in Canada next weekend, Merkel said in a videotaped message that “we are going to discuss when to quit the phase of short-term measures and go on to lasting budget consolidation.” Such a move was “urgently necessary, in the view of the Europeans and particularly of Germany,” she said.

Obama urged the world’s leading economies Friday to avoid scaling back government spending too quickly or risk derailing the global recovery. …

The warning — a clear shot at European governments reining in budget deficits — comes after months of worry about the health of the eurozone, fueled by huge public debts in Greece and Spain.”

8 Responses to “Why did German Chancellor Angela Merkel utterly reject Obama’s plea for more government debt worldwide?”

  • Shamus says:

    I knew I liked that lady……..She’s smart and she is using common sense.

  • Ingrid says:

    Merkel and Obama have very few disagreements.

  • Original Community Organizer ! says:

    >>>She also said that the European Union will “pledge at the G20 to develop a worldwide tax on financial transactions,” <<< Shes just as misguided as Obama !

  • Billy Blaze says:

    They agree about far more than they disagree about.

    Merkel is Germany’s Chancellor. She will do what she thinks is best for her own country. This isn’t about Obama. You people have to make everything about Obama or the USA, because you don’t understand that the world does not revolve around you and your personal little wars.

    But I don’t understand why we should care about what far-right wingers have to say about this, since they call Merkel a communist when it suits them.

  • RockyMtn High says:

    Debt is the problem, not the solution.

  • RayHere says:

    Coming from a part of the world that sent in investigators to make sure employees were not working over time and want to raise vacation time to ten weeks a years I find her funny

  • Peace through blinding force says:

    Because unlike Obama, Merkel doesn’t INTEND to collapse the Western republics.

  • Josh says:

    Because she doesnt want Germany to be in the same situation as Greece and Spain simple. She isnt a puppet for america.

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