PostHeaderIcon Is it worth to use those debt consolidation companies for tax relief?

I want to get all my financials squared away with the IRS– anyone know the average rate those “tax relief” companies charge? Are they worth it??

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  • Robin G says:

    No. Remember they are in it to make money off of you, and in most cases they cannot make all your problems dissappear. In some cases they may even harm you. Best bet to get help with the IRS is to contact your local Tax Advocacy Service. You can find a listing on the IRS website. These are people whose job is to help you work through IRS issues. Best of luck!

  • Kay says:

    They are in business (not in charity business) to make money. You would end up paying more in the end since you have to give them profit for services rendered.

    You can make installment payment plan with IRS. Fill out the form and make workable arrangement with IRS directly.

    Cut down your spending down to half the current level. Increase your earnings by getting a second job. You will be debt free in the near future.

  • Helen, EA in PA says:

    Most of these will take your money and do you no good. Find a tax professional that does representation and see what if anything can be done for you. Do not use an offer mill.

    Helen, EA in PA

  • Wayne Z says:

    They tend to be good at only one thing: Separating you from your money.

    So, no, they are not worth it.

    Search “” and you will find multiple hits on all of them.

  • wartz says:

    Debt consolidation companies may be able to help with other creditors but can’t get you any relief from taxes because IRS will demand payment ahead of unsecured creditors. You or someone authorized to represent taxpayers would have to handle that job. The tax relief companies that advertise on TV seem to promise that they can get you a pennies on the dollar deal and sometimes can but can never guarantee it. For a typical tax delinquency you are probably looking at fees in the $4,000 range, plus or minus a thousand depending on how much you owe. I cringe at those rates since they are about three times or more what I charge my clients.

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