PostHeaderIcon Debt Consolidation Loans worth it?

I’ve got about 6k in credit card debt, should I look at consolidation loans?

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  • tlimsisnw7 says:

    i’ve heard that these can be helpful, but not when you’ve paid it off and it’s on your credit…..i feel your pain!

  • the_resistance_movement says:

    This is the worst thing you could ever do. The easiest thing to do is get a part time job and pay off the debts that way. Call the credit card companies and set up a payment plan.
    Debt consolidators don’t do this for free, so please save your money.

  • Helen says:

    Practically any type of loan can be wrapped into the debt consolidation process. Common types include finance charges, late fees and overdraft charges, credit cards, personal loans, utility bills, medical bills, car loans, store cards, gas cards and back taxes. A debt consolidation loanold loans are replaced with a new one that has more favorable terms. Your loan consultant will negotiate with creditors on your behalf, so you’ll no longer have to deal with harassing phone calls and daily mail.

  • opone says:

    Its worth looking into – just be careful of the interest rates and charges involved. Try your bank; or a site with a bunch of companies like

    and compare whats offered…

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