PostHeaderIcon do banks offer debt consolidation loans to people with bad credit?

If so, do you know which banks?

3 Responses to “do banks offer debt consolidation loans to people with bad credit?”

  • J Love says:

    Wow man, that depends on like 20 other factors as well. Income? Debt? Bankrupcies? Late Payments? Loan to value? How long you owned the home? How bad of credit? Work info I.E. Self-employed? Reserves? and on… and on… and on…. but yes, we do our darndest to make it happen, because those are the most lucrative loans.

  • Starry Eyes says:

    usually people that need consolidation loans don’t have the best of credit. i’m sure they would let you. yeah that other guy was right, there are a lot of factors to consider. go to the bank that you normally work with and i’m sure they would be able to help you or recommend someone that can

  • Theresa M says:

    A bank is not going to offer any kind of loan. You just have to go and ask. It depends on how bad your credit is. You need to be specific. What you think is bad, may not really be all that bad.

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