PostHeaderIcon How can I get a loan for college then take the money to pay off bills?

I don’t qualify for any government money. I live in the USA. I have a good job. I want to do this for a low interest debt consolidation thing. I see a whole bunch of people get aid money then not go to class, Like they take the money and run. anyone know how to do this?

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  • Jman242 says:

    Okay, what you are saying could be a number of things. Bills could be student loans, or even just daily bills such as utilities. Since you are talking about consolidation it sounds like you already have student loans and want to roll your student loans into just one loan, as that is what consolidation is. The link provided gives information for Direct Loans Consolidation.

    Now the question header seemed to ask how can you take out a student loan, if this is the case, fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student aid at . Once that is filled out in about 4-6 business days, the school should have access to the FAFSA information and be able to determine what forms of aid you may be eligible to receive, as well as construct an award letter for you to sign (you would also need to sign this for a student loan as well). The second link is for information regarding Stafford Loans.

    I hope this information did help you. If it did not, please do reword or repose your question so that it makes fluid sense. Best of luck.

  • liane farlin says:

    I was in the same position not long ago. I was able to find help at

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