PostHeaderIcon are there any debt consolidation companies that cover utility bills?

I’ve racked up a lot of debt with the gas and electric companies and am trying to get it paid off

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  • A.Mercer says:

    One thing you should know, a lot of debt consolidation companies are scams. They charge you money for what you could easily do yourself and that money could have been used by you to better pay the debts. It is much better if you deal with the places you owe money to yourself.

    Second, companies do not have to deal with the debt consolidation companies. If you get on with a debt consolidation and the electric company refuses to work with them then that means you will still have to deal with the electric company.

    Your best bet is to contact the places you owe money and work with them.

  • Lauren F says:

    If you are relatively low income (family of 4 with income below $35,000) you can government help to pay it off through the federal LIHEAP program. Just google the term “fuel assistance” in your state and it will show you how/where to apply for help.

    There are also often grant programs through the Salvation Army that might give you $200 or $300 toward the bills.

  • Never Stop Smiling says:

    See the affiliated site is an Experian company BBB approved so very safe.
    They might or they might not have you on. It depends on many factors and how big the debt is.

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