PostHeaderIcon how do I apply for government loans or grants?

well heres the thing im 20 years old and im $15,000 in debt. I have a couple of accounts in collections if not all now and i need help. The reason im in this situation is because of a series of infortunate events… I got arrested, motorcycle accident, lost my job, got evicted,… it just all happend at once… now i have a new job and i just wanna make one monthly payment but no bank is willing to give me a loan. I’ve tried debt consolidation/counseling companies but not all my accounts qualify… I just want to get back on track with life and go to school… plz help…

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  • NICOLE D says:

    Well get fincial aid for school and if your parents make too much $ as mine did….try a sallie mae loan I have the WORST credit and they gave me a student loan its thru the gov some how….they have a website (if that doesnt work jsut do a seach it will come up maybe a little different site name) as far as debt if its mostly credit cards go to a debt cosalidator I went the Seidamen law firm and they helped me (look them up if your inthe us they can help you) Tell them how much you can afford to send them work with them. If you have other debt such as a loan from a bank they maybe able to help you also. Hope this helps. Mos tof dont stress it sounds horrible but if your credit is bad and you dont have the money dont worry so much worry more about school. Pay the other people 5 bucks if its all you have the worst a credit card company can do is take you to court for the $ its bad but its not jail. Good luck.

  • src50 says:

    There are no loans or grants for personal debt, but believe it or not, $15K isn’t that much. Concentrate on your job (even a second job if you can swing it) and get that debt paid off. Then, you’ll be ready to think about school.

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