PostHeaderIcon UK debt- one creditor £10k, help?

I’ve been trying to pay off my debt and have successfully reduced it from £15k to just under £10k now. Unfortunately, i also became pregnant, and am due to be out of work shortly (i only have a temp contract so no maternity payments, only government ones). My debt is owed to just one sole creditor (was a consolidation loan i took out 2 years ago). I will be living on benefits for a time after my baby is born. What can i do?! My debt is not huge enough for IVA, yet i will have no income.. what can they demand/do to me if i cannot pay? Is it a more difficlt situation because there is only the one creditor?

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  • shady lady says:

    Go to, you’ll find all the help and advice you need there. They have a brilliant forum for peeps trying to get their debt sorted out, I’m sure someone there will give you sound advice. Well done on getting your debt down, best of luck with the rest.

  • stellapolariss says:

    Get your thinking right first of all. Stop focusing on the difficult situation, turn this around and look at it as an opportunity to use the law of attraction to get your finances right! :)) People have been much worse off than you and still managed to attract the money they need to pay off their debt. My best wishes

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