PostHeaderIcon Why are we supporting a government with our taxes that doesn’t support but enslaves us?

You are financially supporting a government that is enslaving you in the form of future debt through taxation – a means of guaranteeing that you will have to work that much longer in order to pay for government loans to the very same industries that profited from the creation of our economic collapse which affords consolidation of wealth as the government bailout loans are used to buy up businesses, seized homes, and property.

Why do people only have a “choice” to vote for one enslaver or the other and not what is best for 99.99999999999999% of the people?

8 Responses to “Why are we supporting a government with our taxes that doesn’t support but enslaves us?”

  • Pa?d?mix says:

    Your decimal is a little off. By your calculations, it would only be bad for about 1/600th of a person in the entire world.

  • Jon J says:

    You believe incorrectly in the motive of government by the people for the people.

    You can run for office or leave the country, but believing that the government is evil enslavers is kinda silly since they are us.

  • City of the blind says:

    Keep this thought for when it does happen. Then vote them out as well

  • Thanx says:

    2×2=16?! No way!

    perhaps “enslaving” you, is not the right word.

  • NoBaama says:

    Almost 50% of households pay no Federal Taxes. Those that pay no taxes have no stake in the debt, so they have no deterrent to demand extravagent government spending. If everyone had to share an equal burden of being a citizen through taxation, they would be more likely to vote for people that would not wastefully spend the money.

  • rejectedzipper says:

    You can always join a commune.

  • tamago says:

    we’re a slave to the banks/money. it’s sad, but true. money is the only thing that matters. it makes people do things.

  • Lisa says:

    We, America needs people like you to run for office…people who still love America and her capitalistic ways. Our government and a lot of the people believe in socialism-a one world government. Small business owners could help by running for office. Anyone who loves our rights our fore-father’s gave us should run for any kind of government position. Our senator’s, congressmen and, even our President does not read bills they push through. The Tea Party seems to make a difference in opening doors to Constitutional Rights and insight on how many Americans are fed up with politics. I will be looking further into becoming a town meeting member again, I became discouraged last time. I truly believe our government wants America to fail and become a one world government. It is just my opinion. You can find out much more information on the new world order just Google it

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