PostHeaderIcon Why does Bush claim to be conservative?

-Big government
-No respect for the Constitution
-Military ineptitude
-Massive deficits/debt
-Government intrusion into private life
-Allowing illegal immigration to continue unabated
-Consolidation of power at the federal level

I’m sure I’ve missed some more, let me know if so.
Charles, maybe if your realized that there was more than being simply either liberal or conservative you would realize that I was not calling him a liberal (only in spending policies). And yes, the Republican party was completely wrong in picking Bush.

15 Responses to “Why does Bush claim to be conservative?”

  • Middlefinger! says:

    Sounds like he’s pretty conservative to me!

  • markos m says:

    He is the only one to know, beside his wife and fellow Republicans.!

  • keri k says:

    if he said he was a nazi no one would have voted for him.

  • Charles Dobson Focus on the Fam says:

    LOL instead of saying they were wrong in supporting their douche bag president bush the republicans will start finding ways of calling him a liberal.. LOL

  • oldbasshole says:

    I believe,if I’m not mistaken, GOD told him to become one, and we all know how he listens to those voices in his head, but I guess he wasn’t told the correct definition of “conservative”….Probably faulty intelligence gathering is to blame….

  • mrlebowski99 says:

    He can’t stop lying

  • Buckwheat says:

    The key word being “claim”, he can “claim” to be a patriotic American but we all know better.

  • Aviator says:

    Well, obviously judging by your name, you are an old school conservative. That is why they came up with the term neo-conservative.

  • rhino9joe says:

    And Dumbya has EVER told the truth about what???? The weather??? Not even that if you count Katrina.

  • nonalcoholic2 says:

    He is no Fiscal conservative that is for damn sure!

  • rockandroll58-79 says:

    PRESIDENT BUSH has never claimed to be

  • cynthiatweedle says:

    He is partly conservative. Would you have voted for Kerry? I think I am beginning to be glad I am not as conservative as you are

  • ggraves1724 says:

    You really give him much to much credit for any of the items listed whether for or against.

    The president is simply the standard bearer for his particular party. Sure they will say that they are going to do this and they are going to do that but, the only blank check a president has is the veto and that can be overruled with enough votes from the house and or senate. Presidential popularity is the only other benefit, they can throw a party and charge money, they call it contributions to the party and money is what it’s all about as far as president being too conservative or too liberal.

    All presidents have the same problem, they have to convince the American public that they are not lying on behalf of the government. If you are angry at the office I would suggest you get some information on political science. You’ll probably move out of the country if you knew the whole truth.

    Political infighting only keeps us from ferreting out the real truth which, if known, would probably cause the 2nd American Revolution.

  • Muse says:

    Bush is a social conservative, not a fiscal conservative. Social conservatives are an entirely different breed.
    The word conservative refers to the belief in government control. What the social conservatives want the government to control are their family values issues. They want laws against abortion, gay marriage, and a host of other moral issues. Fiscal policy is not part of their agenda.
    Granted, in today’s day and age some government control in areas of moral concern are needed. But just like the social liberals, social conservative tend to get carried away in their zeal and go too far at times.
    Hence, both social conservatives and social liberals can become knuckleheads with little effort.

  • asmith1022_2006 says:

    Firstly there is no military ineptitude, our military is still the finest in the world by far, I challange you to name one that performed better in a similar situation. Most of the rest is the cause of the situation’s that have developed in the world. Had 9/11 not happened he probably would have been a mediocre version of Ronald Reagan, with non-interventionist policies. That is what people think when they look at the first nine months of his presidency anyways.

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