PostHeaderIcon I need the names of some trustworthy companies that offer Debt Management Plans?

I will not qualify for government grants. I cannot get another consolidation loan.

I do not want to use a debt negotiation service.

My credit is good right now. I have paid all my bills at or above the minimum on time for over 7 years, and any blips on my credit have just recently “dropped off” my credit report.

However, I am struggling, and things are about to get worse for me, and very soon I will start to be in the negative.

I need help that won’t ruin my credit score I have worked so hard to repair.

If you have used a Debt Management Program and did not have to pay any additional fees, nor make any payments until all of your creditors accepted you into the program, please pass the name along to me.

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  • tudorjason (matt) says:

    I’ll be honest and say that you are asking for a lot.

    A reputable company that handles debt management plans will tell you that you have to continue to pay your monthly balances until your creditors have accepted you into the plan. Most, if not all, of these companies are for-profit, meaning that there will be a fee added onto the amount you have to pay to your creditors. This fee will be paid to the DMP company for the work they do for you. Another thing you should know is that the accounts you include in the plan will be closed and will be closed forever.

    Make sure you are not confusing a debt management plan with consolidation, or settlement, or repair. Each one is different from another. And don’t accept a plan from a company that promises they will help repair your credit or increase your score because no one but you and creditors have control over your credit report and score.

    I went with CareOne for my debt management plan and have cut my debt from over $10,000 to just over $5,000 and my score has increased because I have less debt.

    Good luck.

  • Robert says:

    There is no such thing as a trustworthy debt management company. They will only tell you half of the information you need to make an informed decision. And that half is usually only what you need to make the decision to use their services.

    There are other options. Be creative and continue doing your research. There are other ways of handling your situation.

    If you have any further questions regarding this or any other credit issue, you may feel free to contact me at

  • Miss.Maryann says:

    If you want logical, trustworthy answers.
    Look up a company called Primerica.
    We have offices all over the US. Owned by Citi.
    We offer what’s called a F.N.A. (Financial Needs Analysis) Its complementary, confidential, and customized to your situation. This is paired with a solution called Debt Stacking. They will educate you on your current situation and help you get to where ever it is you would like to be in 2,5,10,15,20 years.
    I promise – it wont be a waste of time!
    Good luck!!

  • mesobl y says:

    As far as I am concerned most of the companies online are bogus scams just looking to make a quick buck, you have to be very careful with this area, as many of the people are crooks. I wouldnt bother with these types of plans, just go to a reputable forum online and talk to people in your position, the one I go to and just saw on CNN is new and growing rapidly – awesome people. Be careful and god bless you.

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