PostHeaderIcon Using the president in commercial advertising?

I just saw a disturbing commercial on TV.

I don’t remember the name of the name of the company (it was one of those debt consolidation places), but it is not a government agency, it is a private business. The commercial showed President Obama during one of his speeches. The commercial was intentionally set up to look like a news broadcast, including the announcements scrolling across the bottom of the screen, etc. The president was speaking about rising unemployment in America or something like that, but he certainly was not endorsing this company.

Am I the only one that finds this in extremely poor taste? At best it strikes me as deceptive advertising, the intent is clearly for the viewers to think that the president is endorsing this company.

In fact…is this even legal?

And yes, it was actually President Obama, not an actor made up to look like him or anything like that.
Jack, do you honestly think the president got paid to be in that commercial? I doubt it. And don’t tell me what I need to ‘get over’, I am entitled to my opinion, I was simply seeing if anyone else agreed with me.

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  • Ryan M says:

    Very poor taste, but very legal. He is a public figure and they are using footage from a public speech. They are not changing his words. People who think that this is an endorsement are probable not too smart to begin with and that is the commercials target audience. Tacky I agree, unethical (Probably), but 100% legal.

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