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Ok i have a full time job, And currently working a temp job everyonce in awhile. im not the type who plays the lotto, or belives it’s possible to win. i currently live in amarillo & im 23 yr old AND married. She’s 20yrs old and also works a full time job. we have no kids.
Now that i described thing that our nessecary i need help,
my rent is really high, and im suffering from debt several payday loans Which i KNOW i should have never taken out. so pelase dont go on abotu the evils of Paydays loans…i have learned my lesson.
i have sold or pawned everythnig i have to make it, but we just dont have enough money to keep going like this, the church helps everyonce in awhile with food But thats all.
We dont have any friends or family who is willing to help us…where alone in this mess.

Basicly i need help I need to know is there ANYWAY to make Fast or EASY money? legal?, illegal?, Government?, or just normal help I dont care really i just need to get some extra money, to pay off the debts.

if i could just pay off the debt or at least consolidate all of it to 1 easy monthly payment it would help. Problem is im not elgable for Debt consolidation, So i dont know what to do anymore.

Finaly i have pretty bad credit AND my wife has ZERO credit….we dont have ANYONE willing to co-sign a Large bank loan to help me Consolidate it.

PLEASE anyone out there who knows how i can make easy money or how i can get a bad-Credit no co-sign Conslidation loan or even just some way to feed my family.

im young and i make mistakes, but now i learned from them and im ready to get out of my mistake and learn from all of this.
we already live in a studieo apartment, and the rents high no matter where i look, we actulyl got a cheap place comapred to the rest of town.

we already cut everything hince the selling stuff now…
bankruptcy cost $700 doller how am i going to get that if i cant even make the normal payments??

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  • vatot7 says:

    we have the same thing as you my husband 39
    I’m 46
    not easy in a marriage

  • joe_fleeman says:

    Call the pay day loan companies and tell them you are filing bankruptcy.Tell them they may or may never get paid.They will of course threaten law suits.Tell them You are willing to pay what you owe now in payments IF they will stop adding late fees and interest,otherwise the courts can handle it.They would rather have something than nothing.
    Next, if you and your wife make 36k a yr.Live like you make half of that.
    Find a cheaper place to live, if nothing else buy a camper and see how much rent is at a camp ground, or maybe a mobile home park.

  • Yahoo! Princess says:

    First, move to a cheaper place, like a one bedroom or studio apartment. How much debt are you in? You might consider getting a second job (I know the economy is bad). You can get $80 per/wk each selling your blood ($40 twice a week). I know that sounds drastic but that is how a lot of college students make extra money.

  • Rebecca W says:

    Those pay-day loan places are evil, a legal loan sharking that should be done away with. No not a judgement on you, I have just seen so many in your spot that it angers me.

    Now for the good news, you already have crappy credit and you can’t be sent to jail for having debts. Call every one of those ‘loan” places and tell them that you will make good faith payment until you can get caught up or you can file a chapt.7 bankruptcy to wipe the slate clean. The worst these places can do if you don’t pay is sue you, but if you are making good faith payments they probably won’t. A good faith payment would be about $20 a week.

    You say your rent is high. Okay, move. Find an less expensive (probably smaller) apartment and make sure that the utilities are included, or at least most of them are. This will save you a bunch of money that you can then apply to paying other things. I don’t know about your area, but around here you can rent a decent one bedroom walk-up for as little as $100 a week.

    Good luck, these are rough times for you, but believe me, they will pass.

  • unsung hero says:

    Try speaking to someone at your bank. Explain your financial situation and ask if they would be willing to give you a loan to pay off your debts. This way you will have lower interest rate than those wolves are giving you, and lower monthly payments.

    You never mentioned WHAT kind of job you do. I’m guessing it pays poorly. Don’t be more foolish than you have been and get into anything illegal, you’re going to make this mess ALOT worse.

    Try a job waitering at a pub, you can make phenominal tips. I used to waitress at a pub and walked away with $300-$500 a night in tips alone.

    Cut back on your groccery bill like no more junk food, it’s not filling and it’s crap. Try doing vegetarian meals a few times a week to cut back in prices of meat.

    Better yet, have an egg sandwhich for dinner every night, it’s dirt cheap, very healthy, and you can put that extra money onto your debts.

    Also, find a new place to rent. Hunt around for a place that’s cheaper monthly rent, even if it’s smaller, you need to make sacrifices until you’re out of the red.

    If you have a pricy car, sorry, sell it. Start biking or taking the bus.

  • acedelux says:

    File for bankruptcy. You will get the pressure from them stating your credit history will be ruined, never be able to buy a house, etc. Do not be fooled by that. Bankruptcy will force you to straighten up your finances. Be aware though that, after bankruptcy, you will get offers from everyone and anyone to re-establish your credit history. TEAR UP AND THROW THOSE OFFERS AWAY! You will be back on your feet in a few years if you keep your finances on the straight and narrow .

  • Grenoble says:

    sell your sperm 😀

  • mahinhin says:

    Cheer up, you are still young, everyone experience hardship, financially, rich or poor. It will soon past and over, you will get back into your feet, you have a bright future, i can see it, because at very young age you learned a lesson, it is just a test and you past. Sooner, money and job will come to you, there are still angel tout there who are willing to help, just be straight and do good, God is not sleeping. Why am i talking like this? Been there….And God is always kind. God bless you.

  • Jame says:

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