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Ok i have a full time job, And currently working a temp job everyonce in awhile. im not the type who plays the lotto, or belives it’s possible to win. i currently live in amarillo & im 23 yr old AND married. She’s 20yrs old and also works a full time job. we have no kids.
Now that i described thing that our nessecary i need help,
my rent is really high, and im suffering from debt several payday loans Which i KNOW i should have never taken out. so pelase dont go on abotu the evils of Paydays loans…i have learned my lesson.
i have sold or pawned everythnig i have to make it, but we just dont have enough money to keep going like this, the church helps everyonce in awhile with food But thats all.
We dont have any friends or family who is willing to help us…where alone in this mess.

Basicly i need help I need to know is there ANYWAY to make Fast or EASY money? legal?, illegal?, Government?, or just normal help I dont care really i just need to get some extra money, to pay off the debts.

if i could just pay off the debt or at least consolidate all of it to 1 easy monthly payment it would help. Problem is im not elgable for Debt consolidation, So i dont know what to do anymore.

Finaly i have pretty bad credit AND my wife has ZERO credit….we dont have ANYONE willing to co-sign a Large bank loan to help me Consolidate it.

PLEASE anyone out there who knows how i can make easy money or how i can get a bad-Credit no co-sign Conslidation loan or even just some way to feed my family.

im young and i make mistakes, but now i learned from them and im ready to get out of my mistake and learn from all of this.
Rent is cheapest in town due to the fact my in-laws our renting us the aparment But wont let us live there for free REGARDLESS of the Sutiation.

also bankruptcy cost $700 how can i file Bankruptcy if i cant even make minmal payments on the loans!

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  • Cynthia M says:

    If your rent is really high see about moving into a cheaper apartment. A person can live without cell phone, cable, and internet. Shut them off if you have too. Most persons can live without a car. If you live in a big city take transit. You save on car repair, and insurance. Make sure you have a life insurance policy. If something was too happen to you how would your wife pay for the debt. I would ask your parents/grandparent/uncle or aunt, for a consolidation loan if your credit is really that bad. Take this as a lesson learned don’t do it again.

  • jj says:

    Try to look for somewhere cheaper to live. However, you may need to pay a deposit. You could try making money by;

    Ebay e.g. make things that you could sell such as Birthday cards, bracelets
    Wash cars
    Ironing service
    Teaching students things you know a lot about
    Charging to write essays

    That’s just a few ideas, sorry if they’re no good. Good luck with the future! 🙂

  • Kate says:
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  • Denise says:

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  • Jame says:

    You should try a local credit union, they are usually more apt to help someone in your situation.

    Good Luck,
    Mike, CEO

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