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Ok here is the thing, we have been VERY STUPID in the past and as a lot of americans do we are living very outside of our budget!! We have taken out several small secured loans, and need help to pay everything now! I am in college and my husband works like crazy, I also have a part time job but it basicly pays for daycare for my children so that i can go to school. We make too much money for any kind of government help but not enought to make ends meet. We have recently tried to attempt debt consolidation but all the companies we tried could not help us with the loans!! We are slipping farther and farther behind each month and desperately need help!! IS there ANY advice that ANYone could give us?? We are at the point of considering bankruptsy but don’t really know what it would do for us if anything!! We really need help or we will loose everything that we have, which is not much, really just our car that we owe more on than it is worth. OH yea to top it all off, we have bad credit!

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  • Amal-Love says:

    pray and ask God for help

  • David R says:

    First evaluate everything you spend money on. Write down everything that you purchase, monthly expenses gas, food everything. Most people find that they can save tons of money monthly by see where there money goes. In the beginning of your overhaul only pay the minimums on ur revolving accounts while paying the other bills in full. As you notice that there is extra money around, focus on one CC (lowest balance) and pay that off ASAP by applying any extra money to that account. And continue that until all revolving accounts are paid off.

    Also- I received my bachelors degree last year and I am currently in graduate school, you can work full time and still get your schooling done. I did and so do many others. You need to plan on getting a full time job and scheduing your classes around your work. Your children may miss you a little but hopefully if your husband is supportive then he will take care of everything. In the long run- your family will appreciate you for getting your education and maintaining a home simultaneously. It can also inspire your kids to do whatever it takes to get what they are looking for in life. Good Luck

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