PostHeaderIcon Where is a safe place to go online to find an unsecured personal loan for?

debt consolidation and/or to pay off all debts?

I am limited with SSDI and a very part-time job. I am $6000 in the hole and the hole keeps getting deeper. I want and can pay for one monthly payment to one loan office and have the loan to pay off all my debts and to start fresh. I don’t have anyone to co-sign with me. Does anyone have any suggestions of who I can contact for financial help??!! and it being safe and secure. Payday loans charge over 100% interest. THanks!

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  • Gem says:

    I would not trust anyone on line in this business. These companies are making millions by screwing over the most vulnerable in our society, who happen to be the least able to afford it.

    My suggestion would be to go and join a credit union (like a bank) and start having your SSDI checks deposited there, then apply to them for your unsecured personal loan. The fees and interest rates will be real good for you.

  • sporregar says:

    Go to a local bank or credit union.

    Go see a local not-for-profit credit counseling agency. Look in your phonebook or even call your local social services for a reputable one.

    And does it matter that you’re on the dole and have a part time job. Not really. You’re in debt and you want out.

  • samy says:

    It is good for being client of some bank. They are to you knowing. Credit Score is not all they look at, must meet minimum debt service ratios, and yes they look your job.
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