PostHeaderIcon What Do I need to Qualify for Debt Consolidation Loan?

Not credit counseling, but debt consolidation loan. Can’t find any good info on the web, so your educated opinion would be helpful. What are credit requirements, home equity requirement, debt service ratio and other factors?

If you know a good resource that would be very helpful as well!!


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    I get this question all the time as a senior loan officer for a large mortgage brokerage firm. Credit requirements are a little tighter now, but there are still lender who will offer to consolidate your debt if you have the following:

    1. Credit score of 680 or higher.
    2. Debt to income ratio of 45% or lower (if CR score is higher, then ratio can be higher)
    3. Home loan to value can be as high as 95%

    for more information go to my website:

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