PostHeaderIcon Does anybody know any reliable debt consolidation companies?

Whats the most well known?

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  • says:

    I wouldnt mess with a debt consolidation company. You can do that yourself you just have to start budgeting your money better. I would just pay one bill off as fast a you can then move to the next bill. Start with the lowest bill and work your way up i’ve never heard anygood coming from consolidating your bills

  • Rick S says:

    they are all bad, I was a bill collector for credit cards. Call each company and ask them to work with you. Tell them your situation and how much you can afford. With the economy banks are taking what they can get. If they dont agree to work with you ask them where you can fax your “cease and desist letter” then usually they will. If they dont then look up the letters and write one and fax it to them, They legally cannot contact you be phone then,

  • waldenconnor says:

    For a refinance mortgage, try Ditech or Bank of America.

    For credit counseling, try the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

    For Debt Settlement, try Freedom Debt Relief.

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