PostHeaderIcon are there any debt consolidation service companies in the philippines?

i’ve heard and read about this debt consolidation services online but havent found any in the philippines. anyone know if this is available here?

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  • imisidro says:

    Not really; or if there are any, there are very very few as demand is not high compared to the US

    In the Philippines, there are no credit reporting bureaus. There are no credit scores. There’s no credit history. Each creditors maintain their own data about the person, and there’s no easy mechanism to allow for credit history information with other creditors.

    Unlike in the US where constant delays in payment in one credit card may mean that the other credit cards may increase their rates on you or may not even give you new credit. Or if you have a poor credit history, that can affect your chances of getting an apartment, getting a car loan, a mortgage or in some cases, even a job.

    Without that kind of trigger, people do not really feel compelled to consolidate their debts; hence debt consolidation in the Philippines is not common

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