PostHeaderIcon does anyone know of a company called DEBTCLEAR?

A company called DEBTCLEAR claims to legally eliminate unsecured credit-card debt….NOT debt consolidation….based on little known violations of certain laws re Fair Practices, etc. Has anyone had experience with this outfit? Sounds interesting…probably expensive!

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  • fakehuskie says:

    Sounds like a scam, where you pay them, they throw your credit to the crapper, and then you pay less. There are better not for profit places around.

  • Bye Michael, thanx 4 everything. says:

    Whoever you deal with, always see if they have BBB and Verisign logos on their main forms.
    These should be *working* logos, linking back to BBB and Verisign sites. It’s a very simple practice to go by.
    Once you check these simple points, you know they are not scammers.

    These are also good, depending on your location: no magic solutions, when possible you simply end up paying LESS interests, or lower monthly payments, depending on your situation.

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