PostHeaderIcon Are there any debt consolidation companies that dont freeze your credit cards?

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  • Wikipedia says:

    I think you’re asking for a bit much really.

  • just me says:

    dont believe so, how could you get out of debt if you continue to use credit cards???

  • spifiman1 says:

    Don’t think so. Even if there were? It would defeat the purpose if you were still out there charging stuff.

  • stopccdebt says:

    70% of people who consolidate their credit card debt through a loan end up in worse shape within just 2 years. In other words, you would likely end up owing just as much in credit card debt plus having to make a loan payment.

    Are you sure you want to hang onto the very things that got you in debt in the first place?

    By the way, if you enroll in a debt management plan through credit counseling, you can normally keep one card off of the consolidation plan for business or personal use.

  • Randysgirl says:

    This is not a good idea if you are planning on using the cards while you are trying to consolidate than you will never get them paid off, you should try looking for lower interest rate cards or cards that offer 0% for a limited time then just kee transfering everytime you get close to the end of the introdury period ending, if you would like help finding these cards please visit my profile and check out my blog there is several ways to go about finding them, Best of Luck

  • FinanceGuy says:

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  • abel jarrod says:

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  • gabriel jones says:

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