PostHeaderIcon i need payday loans consolidation & debt consolidation help………?

i need payday loans consolidation & debt consolidation help………

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  • Sunny S says:

    try credit counseling

  • Top Gun says:

    Get another part time job or the high interest rates will make matters even worse.

  • Let me steer you says:

    See if you can join the Federal witness protection program.

    Those payday loans will kill you. It’s like borrowing money from a loan shark; in fact, it is a loan shark. Your only hope is to make more money. Get a second and third job to pay them off as quickly as you can. The interest alone will eat you alive.

  • Victoria says:

    The first step before you begin tackling a debt problem is to compile a list of information about your money affairs. Start with a comprehensive list of all the people and companies that you owe money to. Then go to a debt solution company.

  • Beckie says:

    My husband and I were stuck in 3 payday loans (local stores) for almost 3 years.. we owed them $1500 every.. single.. payday. It was hell. A few months ago, we were FINALLY able to get out of it.. thanks to the help of the paycheck advance clerk (yea, we couldn’t beleive it either) this is how she told us to do – and it worked.

    First, this method only works for local store payday loan places.. if you used an online webiste, theres another way, so just scroll down.

    Step one, (this part sucks the most) close your bank account. Its best to go in and actually talk to a banker face to face. Make sure you don’t use your bank card for a few days before you do this, to avoid any pre-auths that could re-open your account. This actually almost happened to us, which would have KILLED us financially. We closed our account, and on a hunch (cuz my ex-bank were scumbags) I went back in a few days later and asked if my account was still closed. They informed me that a pre-auth of $.62 went thru and re-opened my account. I gave them a peice of my mind, took my $.62 and re-closed the account.

    After that, I called paycheck advance and check n go and informed them I closed my account and the only way they were going to get paid back, is by allowing me to set up payments. The paycheck loan clerk that gave us this advice, told us she still had to send the checks to corporate to have them processed, they tried to cash them, they came back and than they called us.

    We set up payments of $50 per paycheck, per payday. So since my hubby and I both had checks out, we’re paying them $100 every 2 weeks now. We’re still “in debt” but its slowly going down. We’ve paid them about $300 now, only $700 to go..

    As for check n go – they claimed to be members of the (forgot what its called) however they didn’t have payment plans set up at that store front yet, so if we didn’t pay out $500 check in full, the day it was due, they were going to come after us with debt collecters. Not wanting to hurt our credit, we just paid them (since we didn’t have to pay paycheck advance.. it didn’t hurt us as bad).

    Now.. if you used an online website, the same paycheck clerk told us to check our state laws (even tho we never used online payday loan places) a LOT of the time, these websites loan out to states that have actually banned online loans – if this is the case, you don’t have to pay them back – period. Call up your state office and talk to them about it.

    If your state DOES allow this, than follow the steps above (close your account) and contact the website directly and follow the same steps. If should work.

    Using the phrase “If you want your money, your going to have to set up payments for me” seems to always work.. since they DO want to get paid.

    Hope this helps!

  • P C says:

    Payday loans usually have a very high interest rate, and is only useful if you need it desperately for a very short period of time, and are confident that you can pay the interest rate on the loan

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