PostHeaderIcon Do you know of any good debt consolidation companies?

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  • Joseph Sangl says:

    Most local credit unions are excellent options.

    I would ask this question. Are you changing the spending behavior that caused you to acquire the debt in the first place?

    I ask this because I did the debt CONsolidation loan and thought that I had really done something. When I got done paying $315.60/month for an eternity, I looked up and saw that my credit cards and other debts had been loaded up to more than what I had consolidated the first time!!!

    I decided I was a living definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different.

    I changed my spending behavior a long time ago. If I do not have cash to pay for something, I do not buy it! Yes, it has been less than fun at times, but I no longer have debt!!!

  • devilgal031948 says:

    Try Beneficial.

  • SAM says:

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