PostHeaderIcon Is it possible to get a $25,000 loan?

I need to borrow 25k. My bank doesnt give unsecured loans for that amount. I just bought my house and am pretty sure I dont have 25k equity in it. So, a second mortgage is out. Are there any legit companies out there that will lend that kind of money to a person with good (not excellent) credit? If need be I have a co signer with excellent credit willing to help me. The purpose of this loan is for debt consolidation. I just want to pay off all those credit cards, have one monthly payment and start over. Bankruptcy is not an option. My credit is decent and I want to keep it that way. Serious advise only please.

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  • iritadragon says:

    There are companies that specialize in this. Look them up under debt consolidation on the internet, and pick one for your area. Then ask.

  • sarah a says:

    Ok, here is some good options for you.
    1) try wells fargo finance Not a bank it is a finance store that is where i work. ask for a personal line of credit. your APR will be higher like 15%. if you dont have a wells fargo finance MBNA specialized in these.
    2) after 2 years then get a Home equity loan or line of credit in with you payment will be spread over more time and your apr will be much better.

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