PostHeaderIcon Are there any legitimate companies that can help you with debt consolidation?

My husband and I have about $23,000 in debt and are considering going to one of the many debt counseling companies that we see advertised. Can they really help by working with the credit card companies ? Also do they all charge a fee and how do they work? Refinancing our home is currently not a option.

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  • SPIFIMAN1 says:

    There is only 1 that I would recommend and that’s Consumer Credit Counseling Services they are the largest and oldest non-profit credit counseling service in the nation and have offices in most major cities.

    They will lower both your interest rate and monthly payments, I used them several years ago and was debt free in 36-months.

    There number is 1-800-388-2227.

  • debtairraid says:

    Great question!

    Many Americans have discovered the common sense way to financial freedom through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. I can tell you from a personal testimony that it does work. Our family was $40,000 in debt just 15 months ago. We are down to $5500.

    You sound like a very intelligent person who is trying to regain their life back. This program is for people like you! Check out this video for more information.

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