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all poiticians do is debate and try to stab each other in the back without getting anything done. here is a list i assemled that i think covers what this country needs to do to get back on the right track. please take a little time to comment on how it could be changed and what party it (or pieces of it) are most like.

•Cut down on the deficit; create a budget with no more than 100bil in debt in 25 years. oDo not increase taxes but decrease loopholes
oCut spending on wasteful projects
•Cut back on government agencies either by consolidation or elimination.
•Create laws or a separate agency/entity that removes pork from bills
oCreate government “watchdog” campaign composed of members from all parties
•Stop all tax breaks for US companies that have ½ or more of either personnel or assets overseas.
•Invest in America’s future by providing subsidies to clean and renewable energy, this decreases our spending on foreign oil
•Legalize hemp. The production will have many uses commercially and all products can be taxed to further reduce the deficit
•Create more jobs by repairing roads and revamping transportation systems.
•Create more positions to monitor energy such as well inspectors to keep environmental tragedies to a minimum
•Limit our stake in international wars.
oStop promoting dictators that are “US friendly”
•Create more regulation on “big companies” such as large banks and multibillion dollar corporations to keep them honest
•Restrict credit card companies from high interest rates.
•Reworking or replacement of No Child Left Behind
•Rework the immigration laws to more forcibly enforce no illegal immigrants but make the process of becoming a legal immigrant easier.
•Raise the retirement age to 68 or 70 and repay the “borrowed” money from the fund with some budget < 50 years. •Decrease (not elimination!) spending on low yield science applications such as NASA •Decrease imports from countries such as china •Increase exports and create beneficial trade agreements such as with South Korea these are kinda like "planks" that i think should be goals for the govenment, not all are easy but i think that they will be the easiest in the long run. the tax system we have now would work and even decrease the deficit if it were all enforced. many companies are able to get outrageous governemt subsidies to offset taxes or hire lawyers to find loopholes. if we made them pay the full rate of thier taxes it would make a considerable dent. to my knowledge no company taxes exports, just imports. and because of our trade agreements, (such as Nafta) we cant even impose those. china, our main importer (and our main loan source) would not be too keen if we were to put a tarif on thier goods so just decreasing what we buy from them is the only solution.

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  • bigboob says:

    not bad a lot of good points

  • William P says:

    All of your ideas are much easier said than done, for example, cutting the deficit that low without increasing taxes would probably require reforming medicade and medicare. The raising of the retirement age would help but probably not be enough. Also, wasteful projects probably only make up several billions of the budget which is less that half of 1 percent of our deficit.
    Also, you can’t export products that are not being made, you need to encourage more manufacturing in the U.S. And regulation for “big companies” is a vague concept because a large company is not always a bad one.
    Your idea’s are not bad but they are not specific enough. Simply saying things like, “stop importing stuff” isn’t easy to do. Even american brands are partially made oversees now. All in all, the government is working on this, and they probably won’t agree on 95% of it.

  • Dan T says:

    The problem is some of that interferes with international treaties, and trade agreements.

    The problem is the government started getting tangled in international laws, so some things we can do to benefit our economy, may be a Casus belli to another country who is on the raw end of the deal.

    For example, there is an international law against selling pot, no country is without a law against Marijuana. Some just have very weak restrictions, or they have exceptions to the law, and it’s enforcement in place.

    Another is the tariff, some countries by treaty have a set Tariff on their exports.

    And some countries by treaty have a mandatory trade with the US

    The best thing to do, is decrease spending, and replace the income tax with a Flat Tax.


    Also it is hard decreasing spending, because the country is so divided on what should and should not be cut.

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