PostHeaderIcon How do I find a ligitimate debt consolidation loan?

I am looking to take out a loan to pay off about $4000.00 in credit card debt. Unfortunately, my credit score is pretty low. How do I find a reliable place to borrow money from? I understand that my interest rate will be higher. I’m just not sure where to begin looking or where to start for that matter. thanks.

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  • wife2denizmoi says:

    Try the bank you deal with or your credit union. You may want to re-consider, buckle down and make the payments. $4k is not that bad. Contact your creditors and discuss your situation with them. They may be willing to work out an alternate payment plan for you. Good luck.

  • heybulldog says:

    Your not.
    Get a second job and pile cash on the debt til its payed off.
    Cancel the cards and never get another one.
    Credit cards companies (banks) make all the rules and can change the rules in the middle of the game.

    Dont obsess with your credit ( I Love Debt ) score. Banks spend millions brainwashing people into thinking they need credit cards and a high I Love Debt score to make it in todays world. That’s a load of crap! Pay as you go and you will win with money.

    debt Free is definitely the way to be.

  • samy says:

    Credit Score is not all they look at, must meet minimum debt service ratios, your cosigner if you have and they look your job.
    A small loan consolidation with low interest is the best I found interesting information about your answer & options here.

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