PostHeaderIcon Anyone other than Wellsfargo & Chase still doing private student loan consolidations?.?

I have a problem here and I’m hoping someone can give me some direction. I have about $50k in government backed (sub & unsub) student loans I used for my bachelors and masters. Those are now coming due and I’ve got an application into the US Dept of Ed to get a federal consolidation on them. I think that will be fine and roll into one manageable payment.

BUT I also have another $70k in private education loans with a few different lenders that I needed to make up the gaps over the years. I need to consolidate those but it seems like not nearly as many lenders are doing private consolidations anymore??? I know why, the economy and credit conditions. Chase and Wellsfargo are still but I tried and they both denied me saying my debt to income ratio is bad. I have like a 750 credit score and about $60k a year in income and beyond these education loans though I have a small under $15k car loan and that’s it, no credit cards?? The several different payments spread out on these private ones are high and killing me. Does anyone know what I can do or where I can turn?? It looks like the Dept of Ed won’t touch private loans either, tried that avenue…Thanks.

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  • Jayla says:

    Here are some great tips on how to consolidate student loans.One good thing about government loans is that the interest rates are fixed when consolidating them, and so rest assured that the rates that the lending company will charge you are within the boundaries of the law. Albeit there is already a ceiling on the interest rates when consolidating government loans, it is always to your advantage if you will shop around for those with really low interest rates.

    Grace period of loan repayment means you are done with college and earn a degree but the part of repayment, you just have not started. The grace period is usually from the graduation day to 6 months after and is usually regarded as an excellent time to which you acquire college student loan consolidation.

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