PostHeaderIcon Bad credit debt consolidation loans? ?

Ok so I have pretty bad credit and I need a pretty big loan. Any suggestions on where to look?

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  • timothy p says:

    do you have anything to offer as collateral? If not, any loan you get approved for will likely have a high rate and make your situation worse.

    Have you tried working directly with your creditors to see if they will lower the rates, reverse some of the penalties…?

  • Kerry says:

    well you sound like the perfect candidate for a finance company….bet they’ll be

    glad to see you…but they’ll probably write your note at 25/33% int. rate due to your

    history/thats how they make their money. And history shows that debt consol loans

    are good cuz they know the people that take them out will be within 2/3 years right back

    in the same boat that started all this; suddenly they have money to spend again only having

    to make the one payment to the loan co. so they feel ‘rich’…and they do it all over again….

    never fails… Check ti out/see if they’ll talk to you but be prepared at the cost and if you do

    it and it opens up extra cash for you at having done it, that extra cash should be applied to

    the loan balance/not spent random….be careful there

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