PostHeaderIcon anothe bill consolidation question.?

I’m a little over 13,000 dollars in debt with combined unsecured loans. I’m trying to find a conslidation company who will give me low payments. I’m not looking to pay my debts off fast. I’m looking for lower payments. Even if it takes longer time to do so. I need to be able to pay rent and utilities. Anyone have advise?

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  • Gazelle Intense says:

    try a credit union.

    as you may know, consolidation don’t really solve any problems… you still have the debt. paying the debt off should be your main goal.

    see daveramsey (dot com)

  • R. Guetive says:

    I consolidated my credit cards when I was 25 yrs old! I was charging too much and couldn’t afford my minimum payments anymore. I used a co called “Consumer Credit” not sure if they are around anymore.

    It was the best thing I ever did. I cut up my cards (I HAD to) and paid the one bill for a year or two (can’t remember anymore). Never got in trouble again–learned my lesson!

    It was really scary for a while and I was SO thankful to consolidate my bills (even though it cost me ALOT of $$ in interest)

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