PostHeaderIcon How can I consolidate my private student loans?

I recently graduated, and I’m trying to consolidate my student loans and reduce my overall monthly debt. I know that I can easily consolidate my federal loans, and I save quite a bit of money, and the actual cost is quite minimal in the long run.

However, I have several private school loans (Chase, Wells Fargo etc) that I would like to consolidate. The sites/companies that had decent terms no longer offer private loan consolidation due the to new Education Reform. I looked into the Education Reform briefly and saw that it increases the loan and grant amounts for the government loans, however, I don’t see anything that helps out recent graduates, or people with existing loans.

Anyone know of anything in the Education Reform that may help me out, or can recommend any company to consolidate my private student loans.

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  • Jman242 says:

    look into consolidation from Direct Loans. Here is a website, go there and click repaying your loans on the left and search for consolidation.

  • naniwako says:

    The new education reform doesn’t apply to consolidating private loans.

    Most private lenders got out of that service more than two years ago when it proved unprofitable in this economy. You could contact Chase and Wells Fargo, but it looks like they got out of that business, too. Sorry!

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