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I have bad credit and need a loan of £8000 unsecured. My father will gaurentee the loan but i am unsure what leander will do this. please dont suggest debt consolidation. this is not an option

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  • becca9892003 says:

    you need to find a consumer lending business…here in the states there are some called citifinancial and beneficial..they dont care much about credit and the interest will be high..if your father will guarentee the loan why not have him take the loan out for you..if his credit is better the rate will be better and you can just make the payments..

  • Aldrin M says:

    Getting loans with bad credits seems to be a problem these days. Have seen lots of people asking info on bad credits. Well, if you need to get your problem solved onarrange loans or other finance, and usually means you will pay more interest on any loan you take out.

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