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OK, I got myself in way over my head with credit cards. Long story short, both of my paychecks each month CANNOT even cover the min. payments. I’ve looked into consolidation…they’re too expensive($500-600 per month) Is there anything else I can look into besides bankruptsy?

Its around 25-30K in unsecured debt.
I can’t get a second job. I go to school full time and work 40 hrs a week. Its not possible.
I have a cash car, no car payment.

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  • Audrey D says:

    Hon, you may have to grab a second job.

  • hasdad62 says:

    You can call Consumer Credit Counciling. They will help you negotiate a lower payment with your creditors, and give you advise on bankruptcy if needed. Good Luck.

  • Chrissy M says:

    You need to get some more income in some way. Sell your belongings get rid of a car payment or get another job. It’s not so easy to claim bankruptcy and it will greatly affect your life for up to 10 years. Your future will suffer. Buy Dave Ramsey book (google his name tonight!) and fast (it is a great investment) or see if your library has it for free. You need to stop spending and I would say start selling on ebay. Debt consolidation is a bad idea too unless you find a really good non-profit organization but they are few and far between.

  • Giselle says:

    you could try an intrest free personal loan at another bank to pay it off and then slowly pay off the loan at the other bank by getting another job alothough it sounds like you already have 2.if not are there any people you can go to who might help you out a little each and add that to the paychecks that might make the minimum for at least 1 month.anfter youv finally paid it off i sugest you cut up your credit card and never get another one its just safer.

  • n g says:

    try working in a job where you can get a bonus such as a tip to supplement your income…your second job (or 3rd if you are desperate) could be as a waitress, where you could bust a move for extra tips
    try selling some of your stuff on e-bay or garage sale
    go to the pound and adopt cute puppies or small dogs and then sell them as rescue dogs for a bit more money…
    just ideas

  • Kat says:

    Definately look into bankruptcy. Be careful though there are alot of attorneys that will take your money not tell you about the new bankruptcy laws. They made is so that if you can afford $100 for the rest of your life then you can pay that. Talk to at least 3 before you spend a dime. Consumer Credit Counseling with talk you out of bankruptcy. That is their job. They don’t make money if you don’t start making payments. They usually get 25% of the payment you send.

  • inter_galactic_villian says:

    Find yourself a sugar daddy!!! Hehehehee.

  • tinytooda303 says:

    dont spend any more money unless manditory try to find an extra job to help at least a little bit. Do not make it a habbit but try to borrow some money and pay it back or find sponsers to give you a boost up.this is all the info that i can think of now but i will try to think of some more things that can help you with this.

  • Curtis R says:

    student loan

  • Pilgrim Progressing says:

    If you cannot get relatives and friends to help you on this one, and you cannot even make the minimum payments on all cards at once, I would try negotiating new terms with the credit card companies with the highest interest rate. You are going to have to spell it out for them and let them know that you are in over your head and do not want to file bankruptcy BUT you want to pay them off. If that doesn’t work, you’re going to have to pay SOMETHING. Usually, they will hear what you have to say because bankruptcy means thay lose money and their precious interest.

    What you need to do is pay at least double the amount of the minimum due on the card with the highest rate and pay what you can on the rest of the cards (negotiate this). Once you get the one card paid off, I’d roll that entire payment over to the next card with the second highest interest rate. You can continue this as long as necessary. This is called “snowballing” by definition.

    You can certainly avoid bankruptcy but it will take awhile to resolve those debts because of the amount you owe.

    God bless.

  • Debt Slayer says:

    Education is a great thing but never worth ruining your financial future. Drop out of school and work as many hours as you can. You can get out of debt as long as you commit to spending less than you earn. Bankruptcy is not the answer.

  • dragonfire says:

    it’s not that you can’t get a 2nd job, it’s that you do not WANT to get a 2nd job to pay down your debt
    sorry to say this buy you have a lifestyle issue
    drop out of school ( you can always resume later )
    get a 2nd job
    pay off the debt
    cut up your Credit Cards
    and live with you ruined credit record for 7 years
    good luck getting it discharged in BK court
    as it’s much tougher for people like you to abscond from their responsibilities

  • ccaddict says:

    First step, Stop using your credit cards.

    Start negotiating with your credit card companies for lower rates.

    One option is to take a loan to pay off the credit cards, try talking to your local credit unions.

  • kiya says:

    Search online for more counseling centers.

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